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Rural Communities

Community Based Solutions

Thriving communities are not built overnight; they require meticulous planning and unwavering commitment from all stakeholders involved. At Edge5, we possess the expertise and dedication to transform struggling villages into prosperous, self-sufficient communities capable of generating wealth through various avenues such as agriculture, livestock, education and training, tourism, and niche industries.

Whether you are starting from scratch, laying the foundation for a new community, or revitalizing an existing one, our holistic approach encompasses every aspect of community development. From initial design and planning to training, implementation, and ongoing monitoring, we work closely with you and the communities you serve to create environments that unlock their potential for growth, resilience, and self-sufficiency.

Our collaborative approach ensures that all key stakeholders are actively involved in the decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment within the community. By integrating their valuable insights and aspirations, we co-create sustainable solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities present in each community.

Through our comprehensive services, we facilitate the establishment of resilient communities that not only meet the basic needs of their residents but also provide a sense of belonging and place. We prioritize the creation of environments that nurture social cohesion, cultural richness, and economic prosperity. By focusing on sustainable practices and leveraging the strengths and resources of the community, we help foster self-reliance and long-term success.

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At Edge5, we believe that thriving communities are built on a foundation of shared vision, collaboration, and sustainable development. Together, we can create communities that flourish, embodying the essence of home and serving as models for resilience, prosperity, and self-sufficiency.

Recent Projects

11,000 Kitchen Gardens

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Communities Assist,Rainbow Ridge

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Resolute Resources- Mali 2019


Sinya School, CA Outreach Project 2023


ADRA Projects

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Bangadang Farm, Western Australia 2021

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