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Mining & Energy Groups

Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Projects of All Sizes

In the industry of mining and Energy, ensuring sustainability has become an integral aspect of the design process. Our team combines their specialized knowledge with our extensive expertise to develop tailored solutions that align with your Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), While also strengthening your Social License to Operate . We possess the capability to navigate through the most intricate challenges and employ a holistic approach to creatively address your needs, even in the face of complex obstacles.

Whether you require a comprehensive Land or Village assessment or the creation of a sustainable mining operation that harmonizes with the local community, our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout every phase of your project's lifecycle. Sustainability holds great significance to us, and we take pride in delivering well-balanced and sustainable solutions that adhere to regulatory requirements. Above all, our top priority is to execute our work safely and with an unwavering commitment to quality.

Regardless of whether you need a single service or a comprehensive suite of offerings, our talented pool of experts is prepared to collaborate with you on projects of any magnitude.

Edge5 for strengthening social license to operate

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to not only maximize returns on investment but also ensure the safe acquisition of a social license. We understand that sustainable projects require not only financial success but also positive social and environmental impacts. With this in mind, our team is dedicated to providing solutions that go beyond financial gains and prioritize long-term value creation.

Recent Projects

11,000 Kitchen Gardens

rainbow ridge.jpg

Communities Assist,Rainbow Ridge

resolute resources.jpg

Resolute Resources- Mali 2019


Sinya School, CA Outreach Project 2023


ADRA Projects

bandgan farm.jpg

Bangadang Farm, Western Australia 2021

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