Rainbow Ridge

Edge5 is working with Australian NGO Communities Assist to develop a demonstration and teaching site for sustainability practices within the local community of Maili Sita. Rainbow Ridge is truly blossoming into a sustainable village. Each year the site grows in abundance – the transformation is hard to believe. This is largely due to the unique and intelligent swaling and garden bed design implemented by Edge5.

Swaling refers to the creation of swales, or terraces, that have the effect of holding rainwater in the soil, rather than allowing it to run off. The land between the swales is more fertile than 4 years ago, with captured rainwater creating a slow-moving reservoir beneath the topsoil.

Previously, about 90 per cent of water ran off the landscape. Now there are 2,200 trees growing across the site. The annual maize crop has been successfully grown, despite drought-like conditions in recent wet seasons.