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Communities Assist, Rainbow Ridge

Africa, Tanzania


Communities Assist




NGO's, Rural Communities

Edge5 is collaborating with the Australian NGO Communities Assist to create a demonstration and educational hub focused on promoting sustainable practices in the local community of Maili Sita. Within this community, Rainbow Ridge has emerged as a remarkable example of a flourishing and sustainable village. Witnessing its ongoing transformation is truly awe-inspiring, this is largely due to the unique and intelligent water harvesting and garden bed design implemented by Edge5.

Water harvesting  involved the construction of terraced areas called swales, which effectively retain rainwater in the soil rather than allowing it to runoff. As a result, the land between the swales has become significantly more fertile compared to four years ago. Rainwater capture has formed a slow-moving reservoir beneath the topsoil, contributing to the growth of approximately 2,200 trees throughout the site. Despite challenging drought-like conditions in recent wet seasons, the annual maize crop has thrived successfully.

Edge5 has played a crucial role in the development of Rainbow Ridge, serving as permaculture consultants. They have facilitated the establishment of a demonstration site that showcases abundant food production. One of their notable achievements has been training a dedicated group of local individuals known as the CA Green Team, nurturing them into aspiring permaculture designers. This empowered team now conducts outreach efforts, providing training to both local residents and international students on permaculture principles and sustainable lifestyles.

This project has proven to be a game-changer for community members seeking to transform their lives from the very foundation. Rainbow Ridge serves as an exceptional model for sowing the seeds of change, effectively mitigating the adverse impacts of poverty, scarcity, and inequality. Through this inspiring initiative, the project exemplifies the potential for positive transformation and demonstrates the power of sustainable practices in creating a more prosperous and equitable society.

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