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Ecological Training

We plan, develop, and deliver training programs tailored to the needs of communities and the local environment.


Through our training principles and techniques, community members acquire knowledge and skills to sustainably manage their resources, improve food, and water security, agricultural practices, and create sustainable livelihoods.


Our training empowers individuals and gives them the tools to improve their own lives, and the ability to initiate positive change in the wider community. 


Key benefits include:


  • Training to establish landscapes into scalable, regenerative food systems, from the household to the farms, forest systems and livelihoods.  

  • Skill sets to nourish the community, retrofit villages and landscape to sustainable human settlements with diverse cultivated food ecologies and tree systems, including natural habitats. 

  • A strong focus on evidence-based solutions, problem-solving, peer-to-peer learning and mentoring local champions to establish cost-effective demonstration, training, and resource hubs.   

  • We provide Social Licence 101 Business Coaching to business executives, managers, community relations specialists and field staff (delivered remotely).

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