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Water Security

Water is the foundation to deliver effective Environmental and Social Responsibility for :

  • Holistic community engagement/development

  • Resettlement and relocations for improved quality of life

  • Economic, livelihoods and social stability

  • Small farm holder sustainable production

  • Successfully addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


At Edge5, we recognize the phrase "Water is Life", we must get water right.


Edge5 water services specialise in in addressing the specific challenges faced by rural areas and villages. Especially in the relatively poor, remote villages often found adjacent to mine sites and other resource developments. The challenges of water resource management, scarcity, drought  and flooding loom large, posing substantial threats to the very essence of the economy, life and hindering agricultural productivity and potential economic collapse. Our dedicated services are meticulously tailored to cater directly to the unique requirements of each community and their distinctive landscapes.



Life on the Land -  Water Harvesting and Management  Solutions

 Nurturing Economic Growth for Small Landholder Farmers and Community.


We begin with a thorough assessment of the existing water resources, including availability, quality, accessibility and rain event cycles. Based on this assessment, we develop customised strategies and programs to optimise water harvesting systems and  management, including conservation measures and land water storage.


Through community engagement, water literacy training  and capacity-building, we empower residents and stakeholders to actively participate in sustainable water management. Additionally, we prioritise the protection of natural water sources and integrate ecological considerations into our approach. With regular monitoring and evaluation, we ensure the long-term effectiveness of our interventions, ultimately aiming to enhance water availability and empower communities to become stewards of their water resources. We design, implement and  develop strategies and plans for water sustainability. grey water management, harvesting rainwater, building swales, adding dams and ponds.


The Essence of Water Harvesting:


Water harvesting embodies the art and science of capturing, managing, and distribution of water resources. It involves the strategic slowing, spread, collection, storage, and distribution of rainfall and runoff to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate land that has suffered from degradation, erosion, or desertification. This process is essential in regions where water scarcity prevails, and its importance cannot be overstated.



Edge5: Effective Water Literacy Training


A fundamental service that  significantly contribute to efforts in transforming villages and their quality of life. We empower and revitalise communities through the transformative Edge5 water training, leading them towards water security and steering clear of the clutches of poverty, hunger, and dependence. Our services uplift quality of life, fortify livelihoods, nurture autonomy, and foster thriving communities.




  • A prosperous socio-economicfuture for their families and communities.

  • Fortifying livelihoods

  • Food and water security.

  • Enhancing Soil Moisture

  • Revitalised and re-hydrated landscapes.

  • Improved tree canopy cover

  • Reducing runoff and flooding

  • Drought Resilience.

  • Aquifer Recharge

  • Climate change resilience.

  • Mitigating Erosion

  • Promoting vegetation growth.

  • Reduced impacts of drought ,flood and fire.

  • Reduced dust loads

  • Create thriving natural habitats.

  • A stable future resource base.


By combining the above and tailoring them to the specific needs and contexts of each rural village, it is possible to make significant progress in addressing water challenges and improving the quality of life for host communities.



Unveiling the Power of Water with Edge5


Did you know on most landscapes 88% of water runs off the landscape carrying away valuable topsoil and nutrients. Our team understands the intricacies of water and landscapes tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each site.

By embracing Edge5, you become a catalyst for a strong economic foundation and a sustainable future, gifting communities with the wisdom required to construct enduring productive habitats.


Join us in our mission to create a water-secure future for all, where innovative solutions flow, and communities thrive.

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