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Community Relocation and Resettlement

At Edge5 we assist with holistic community resettlement and relocation that improves socio-
economic development. We work with Organisations to improve the quality of life for impoverished and remote villages often affected by current or developing mining sites.

We can provide a comprehensive Resettlement/relocation action plan (RAP). Or support your
organisation with their current RAP for communities needing to be relocated.

Each relocation and resettlement has its own challenges and needs, which is why edge5 actively
involves the host communities in every step of the process. This collaborative approach not only
enhances the overall success of the program but fosters a sense of ownership and pride for
community members.

The overall goal is to minimize the negative impacts on the community and ensure that the
relocation is carried out in a fair, respectful, and culturally sensitive manner. We are responsive to
community needs and prioritize the well-being and long-term sustainability of the affected

We emphasize regenerative economic models. By implementing circular economies, local resource management, and sustainable livelihood practices, the resettled communities can reduce their dependency on external resources and create viable economic systems. This approach can include initiatives like community supported agriculture, eco-tourism, and small-scale enterprises that align with the principles of Permaculture, ensuring the long term well being and sustainability of relocated communities.

With all Rural, urban, Linear, and site specific programs we prioritize life on the land:

  • Key-line design (water harvesting, storage, and management)

  • address water scarcity challenges.

  • No poverty and hunger - home kitchen, school, and community gardens

  • Small-holder whole farm plan design- natural farming techniques

  • Permaculture/agroforestry, regenerative land use practices.

  • Build soil food webs.

  • Develop livelihood capacities - special help to women.

  •  Enhanced quality of life.

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