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Transforming Lives, Regenerating Land, and Inspiring Self-Sufficiency.

We are a team of specialized consultants in community regeneration, bringing over 25 years of experience in empowering individuals to achieve self-sufficiency through small-scale farming.


We foster close collaboration with individual members of villages, employing a "train the trainer" approach to impart sustainable and regenerative land use practices, particularly in the realm of farming. Through comprehensive training programs and practical demonstrations, we equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to effectively implement these practices. As a result, newly trained members are empowered to train and support others within their own village and neighboring communities. This cascading effect ensures long-term success and resilience at the local level.

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Our training initiatives not only benefit the community but also contribute to the preservation of the environment. Guided by the principles of permaculture, our training programs focus on large-scale enhancements in the reliable supply of locally grown food while simultaneously regenerating farms and rehabilitating damaged ecosystems. By applying permaculture techniques, we restore soils, rejuvenate landscapes, and transform small-scale farms into flourishing food gardens that harmonise with the natural environment. The efficiency of permaculture has been repeatedly demonstrated over the course of more than 50 years of testing and implementation.



Over time, the communities we engage with experience substantial improvements in the consistent availability of locally grown food. This transformative change has a profound impact on the quality of life, particularly in impoverished and remote villages adjacent to mining sites and other resource developments.

For instance, our efforts in addressing food poverty in Rwanda led to the establishment of over 13,000 family kitchen gardens, enabling families to produce their own locally sourced food. This intervention has not only significantly improved maternal and child health outcomes, reduced mortality rates, but also contributed to a notable decrease in instances of malnutrition.


Meet Our Founder

Managing Director

Greg Knibbs

Greg is a passionate permaculture consultant, designer and teacher and the founder of Edge5 Permaculture. Greg brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in sustainable systems, that  addresses the root causes of hunger and poverty . Greg is well rounded in all aspects of permaculture design, community engagement and landscape restoration.

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Why Edge5?

Edge5 training encourages community participation and cooperation. It also fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment. This involvement leads to greater self-reliance, improved quality of life and health outcomes, and social cohesion within the village.

• Culturally appropriate and ecologically sound community engagement that is economically viable.

• Addresses the needs of both people and landscapes in host communities.

• Equips individuals with the skills to design and establish productive human habitats and scalable locally-grown food systems, spanning from households to farms.

• Establishes local food security, ensuring a reliable and diverse volume of locally grown produce.

• Combats nutrition deficiencies and malnutrition by promoting a balanced and nutritious diet.

• Promotes better health, particularly among women and children.

• Creates healthy, multi-functional, and well-hydrated landscapes, restoring farms, forest systems, and livelihoods.

• Reduces reliance on external aid.

• Decreases expenditure on costly market purchases.

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