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Attaining Social License to Operate

The concept of a Social License to Operate has evolved to represent an implicit social agreement between a company and the communities it operates within. By being unwritten, it signifies that a social license is founded upon trust.

Possessing a social license means that your company is embraced by local communities, allowing you to conduct your business activities. The strength of this license may vary among different stakeholders and evolve over time, spanning from mere passive acceptance to extensive and unwavering trust.

A social license to operate empowers your company to maintain access to land, obtain government approvals, cultivate a reputable image as a responsible business, and effectively manage social risks. It serves as a valuable complement to the regulatory license granted by the government and increasingly holds equal or even greater significance.

Edge5 partners with Robin Budden from Social License Support to help you with attaining your social license. Robin has developed the SLO-toolkit to help you improve the strength and resilience of your social license.  For more information head to

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