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Environmental & Social Support

We advise and support companies on how to empower communities to address pressing environmental, socio-economic, and resettlement challenges, nurturing innovative solutions in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. At our core we provide permaculture training, which guides host communities away from poverty, hunger, and dependency to social stability and improved quality of life.

We accomplish this vision by employing Edge5's principles in our approach to designing sustainable human settlements, which encompasses scalable and resilient food systems. Our methodology involves not only the cultivation of diverse life on the land through regenerative smallholder farming systems but also strategic water harvesting. These practices collectively elevate the quality of life, bolster livelihoods, instill self-reliance, and encourage vibrant and thriving communities.


We specialise in scalable economic land use design, health, wellness, and improved quality of life through effective holistic community engagement and development

Our services are multifaceted and interconnected, aiming to create sustainable, resilient, and regenerative systems that benefit both people and the planet.
The central focus is fostering and promoting sustainable practices especially in the
relatively poor, remote villages often found adjacent to mining sectors and other resource developments.

We work closely with village members to enhance their community. Initially through short training programs, practical demonstrations, and project implementations, we focus on water harvesting and storage, soil improvement, and expanding the variety, quantity, and quality of locally grown food. Our approach is rooted in Permaculture, a proven method developed and tested globally for over 50 years to effectively address these specific situations.


Communities Developed


Years Experience




Kitchen Gardens


Edge5 services focuses on a holistic approach to community engagement that support Social License to Operate and addresses the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Attaining SDG's

The SDGs, or Sustainable Development Goals, are a set of 17 global goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Ecological Training

We plan, develop, and deliver training programs tailored to the needs of communities and the local environment.


Water security & Management

Edge5 water services specialise in in addressing the specific challenges faced by rural areas and villages.


Resettlement and Relocation

At Edge5 we assist with holistic community resettlement and relocation that improves socio-economic development.


A land restoration by Edge5

"How Edge 5 is helping Transform Severely Damaged Land into Thriving Eco systems and Local Community"


Community Engagement for Meeting the Global Sustainable Development Goals: Addressing Real and Basic Problems in Remote Villages

Our comprehensive training programs are conducted on-site for both staff and village members. These programs consist of short training sessions and practical demonstrations, followed by long-term mentoring and ongoing support.


What Do People Learn From Our Programs?

With a focus on social integration and cooperation, we train people to address the day-to-day challenges encountered in remote villages. We provide practical solutions to issues such as poverty and malnutrition, food and water insecurity. We  help villages overcome land use issues and the increasing environmental challenges of climate change. 



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Communities Assist,Rainbow Ridge


ADRA Projects  2019-2021

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Resolute Resources- Mali 2019




As the Country Director and overseer of the EMBRACE Project in Nyabihu district, I had the pleasure of working as Greg's supervisor when he was contracted here as a PERMACULTURE Expert trainer. Responsible, professional and extremely resourceful, Greg did a commendable job by offering two training sessions, one in 2017 and another in 2018.


With the skills gained the participants became local TOTS (trainer of trainers) who trained over 8,000 community members and helped to establish more than 13,000 Permaculture- based home gardens in 4 sectors of Nyabihu district namely; Karago, Kintobo, Bigogwe and Jenda. This permaculture model became so popular that other areas of Nyabihu also embrace the permaculture techniques of farming. 

Geoffrey S.N.Kayonde   | ADRA Rwanda Country Director

I am writing to highly recommend Greg Knibbs, Edge5,  for their outstanding work in community engagement, consulting, teaching, and promoting permaculture for Communities Assist (CA) at our site in Tanzania. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Greg since 2014 when CA first hired Greg to complete a site analysis and then complete a main frame design and teach our staff permaculture design and its application. I have worked with Greg and witnessed  his  expertise and dedication firsthand.


Throughout this ongoing works for CA , Greg  has demonstrated a deep commitment to sustainable design, training and site  development and permaculture principles. He possesses extensive knowledge in the field, and I know of his ongoing works for CA particular his design work for our current outreach project at Sinya school in Tanzania.

John O'Riely   | Communities Assist Project Manager

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