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About Edge 5 Permaculture Consulting

Edge 5 Permaculture Consulting For CSR projects
Edge5 Permaculture Consulting
specializes in working with communities at the grassroots level. The team of Edge 5 design and develop sustainable permaculture systems with communities. The permaculture design allows people in the community to gain the skill sets required to transition from dependency to self-reliance. Students learn mainframe design. The training the Edge 5 provides the people to learn how to rehydrate landscape. Using simple water harvesting strategies they will be able to rebuild natural capital and to secure local food supply lines.
“We believe that enabling a community to be self-sustaining and not dependent on our clients is a truly significant CSR outcome.” – Greg Knibbs
Edge5 designs focus on creating productive communities that are; ecologically sound, culturally appropriate and economically viable, providing for their own needs today and for the future. To achieve this, Edge 5 uses innovative education and proven permaculture strategies to help rebuild local natural capital and improve livelihoods.

The permaculture design training is for anyone interested in gaining proven practical skills and understanding towards local landscape restoration, ecological permaculture design, and regenerative garden agriculture to create sustainable productive living environments.

The prime directive of Edge5 Permaculture is to help mining industries, corporations, and government sectors generate real value from delivering proven practical sustainable CSR initiatives.

To maximize the value from CSR programmes, Edge5 addresses the key corporate responsibility targets in alignment with GRI and G3.1 indicators. These indicators enable companies and organization to meet their corporate governance in the areas of sustainability and community development to create self- reliance not dependency.


What We Do

Edge5 Permaculture delivers unique transformational ecological community education, training and skills programs in sustainable permaculture environmental design, regeneration garden agriculture, & environmental horticulture.

Successful CSR Projects

Project: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

tanzania-plantingCommunities Assist had built a small sustainable operation at Rainbow Ridge, incorporating homes, teaching facilities and landscaped areas farmed using permaculture design principles.  

Put simply, with Permaculture, the natural ecological processes of plants, animals, water, weather with human needs are designed to work in tandem so that the outputs of one element become the inputs for others, avoiding waste and maximising resource use. Of course, designing a system that involves all elements which work in effective association to create a fully sustainable living environment involves significant expert knowledge and experience. This is what Greg Knibbs’ team at Edge 5 bring to this project. Greg Knibbs and Edge 5 now work on our Sustainability Development Sub-Committee teaching and mentoring our permaculture staff and the local community.


To date, we have achieved much of the above, building homes, an office, large kitchen/storage rooms, community dining/meeting hall and teaching rooms with solar energy for power and pumping water, compost loos, methane gas for cooking, water harvesting and a gravity-fed water supply, animal shelters and free-roaming animal pens.

Project: Ghana, Africa

Edge 5 Permaculture CSR Project Ghana AfricaSince 2004 we have set up 50 community tree nurseries and we are offering training, advice and networking with over 5000 thousand farmers.  

We are also introducing permaculture to schools teaching about earth care, and we donate trees to schools and community organisations. In 2008 we gave away over 35000 trees to the United Nation Trees for Africa programme to this day we are still giving away thousands of trees and teaching people how to design food gardens and control the severe erosion around their homes.


We have a strong focus on forestry and replanting degraded lands. The last two trips Greg made to Ghana were to run a PDC and to support Paul and the growing network to continue the important ecological education and training he’s doing on behalf of the Ghana Permaculture Network. Greg’s organisation “Edge 5 Permaculture” which is based in Australia has been funding the program up to this point. We wish to continue and expand our small efforts, and to do this we need direct grass roots financial support.


Without Mr. Greg Knibbs, we doubt if permaculture would ever be introduced to Bohol, Philippines. He single-handedly brought this concept to us through his untiring efforts and evangelistic zeal that are very much admirable. He taught the Permaculture Design Course made possible by a mutual acquaintance of Mr. Knibbs and Mr. Calos Echavez, the Executive Director of Bol-anon Foundation Inc. Mr. Echavez took upon himself to inform a core group of 27 enthusiasts to a two-day introduction course in Permaculture taught by Mr. Knibbs in the capital city of Tagbilaran, Bohol.

- Mequias J. Deliman, President, Permaculture Institute of the Philippines

Greg and Paul’s work in Ghana as Edge 5 and the Ghana Permaculture Network is infectiously inspiring. Spreading its intention of creating Health and sustainability for the planet and the communities it touches well into the edge of zone 5 from its centre in Ghana. We have just held a very successfully community activists skills workshop in Fremantle Western Australia inspired by their work.

- Brendan Morrow, Ghana Permaculture Network

Greg Knibbs’ Permaculture course was one of the modules used in the program to assist local communities in the vicinity of the Tampakan copper-gold project in the southern Philippines to increase the effectiveness of their livelihood projects. The course was well received, effective and added value. Greg’s teaching style and willingness to live and work with remote communities gained him great respect. I can recommend his course.

- Tony Robbins, President, SE Asia (formerly MD) Indophil Resources NL

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