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Kristo Buase Monastery

Africa, Ghana


Kristo Buase Monastery





In 2004 Edge5’s Permaculture consultant Greg Knibbs was invited to Ghana by the Abbott of Kristo Buase Benedictine Monastery to teach Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) and to help redesign the Monastery’s 430-acre farm. The farm concentrates on three tree crops: cashew, cocoa and moringa, and a variety of fruit trees for processing into jams, wines, and spirits.


On the course, Greg met and trained the late Paul Yeboah, the former farm manager of Kristo Buase. Together they established The Ghana Permaculture Institute.


The Institute continues to play an important role in Ghana’s sustainability, environmental diversity, food production and climate change resilience, with projects and training in 2004, 2006, 2008 and ongoing. Edge5 has also completed training for Azuma Resources and Keegan resources in Ghana.

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