Edge5’s international Permaculture education programs in the Philippines in 2017.

Our programs, supported by Adra, provide nutritional, educational and economic benefits for families and specifically, women’s groups, who we work with. By applying the principles of Permaculture, they have successfully created highly productive kitchen gardens.


Edge5 continues to support these communities to now develop larger-scale systems to produce large amounts of highly nutritious food and restore degraded landscapes.

A key aspect of Edge5’s approach is to train participants to educate others in their neighborhood. As well as food production, Permaculture principles such as rainwater harvesting and recycling, respond directly to the serious health issues faced by thousands of families everyday in the Philippines.

The certificate gained in our courses also opens the door for participants to generate a livelihood running such community courses. Recently we have seen teachers we have trained in the Philippines rolling out education programs in rural and urban areas, as well as on remote islands. Here the raised garden bed techniques they learn have proved an invaluable response to rising sea level and associated salination of soils.