Who is this course for?

Anyone who has heard of, or is new to permaculture and is interested in learning more. 


This course provides students, with an economical opportunity and fast way, to see if permaculture is a good fit for them, before committing to the 72-hour, 12-day permaculture design certificate course.   


Students will gain an overview and the broad diverse content of Permaculture.

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss positive solution for care of people and care of earth.

  • State some principles of permaculture

  • Discuss some concepts, strategies and techniques used to design and restore landscapes.

  •  State some examples of permaculture concepts, strategies and techniques to grow food and for land restoration and re-hydration to create sustainable self-reliance in communities.     


Session 1

What is Permaculture

  • Permaculture defined and its use

  • History of permaculture                                                                         

  • Design philosophy

  • The ethical bases of permaculture

  • Permaculture in landscape and society

Session 2

The Concepts and Themes in Design

  • Evidence to act-why permaculture  

  • Tools of design, the ethics and principles of permaculture

Session 3

Methods of Design- Introduction

  • Design analysis of elements 

  • Reading the landscape – observation

  • Zone and sector analysis

Session 4

 Permaculture content and application 


  • How to get started in permaculture

  • Permaculture topics

  • Applied design in community and landscape

  • Self- learning resources

  • What's next for you?

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