Earthworks design and implementation is central to restoring abundance to communities

Permaculture’s potential to transform degraded landscapes to sustainable food-producing systems in the developing world is enormous. The ability of the land to capture and store rainwater is central to this approach.

It is not uncommon to lose 90% of precious rainfall by having it simply run off the land – a situation that is being intensified by climate change around the globe.


We teach communities how to apply simple earthwork techniques and strategies to:

  • Harvest and store water in the soil

  • Restore the lands capacity to rehydrate

  • Increase ground cover and biomass

  • Reduce loss of topsoil and the silting of rivers

  • Decrease the risk of flooding and fire


Edge5 has experience and specialist skills across a wide range of climates and topographies to restore the land’s natural capacity to store water and secure long-term abundance for communities.