Corporate Social Responsibility

For over 10 years Edge5 has worked in remote communities across South East Asia, East and West Africa and Australian Aboriginal communities training people in Permaculture design. We are committed to creating kitchen and community gardens and restoring landscapes that maximise the reliable supply of nutrition for families and communities.

Time and time again we have seen the potential of gardens to help communities by reducing stunting and malnutrition for at-risk communities. Climate change, farming methods and deforestation have made communities vulnerable, but Edge5 can help reverse this by creating gardens that provide valuable food.



Edge 5 offers a 5 to 10-day study trip to complete a pre-assessment survey which includes:


  • Meet and listen sessions with staff, community leaders and local farmers

  • Community needs analysis – food gaps, production and supply and basic on the ground problems

  • Landscape needs analysis – water cycle, land condition

  • Look for opportunities to build on what's already in place

  • One or two-day introduction training programs for community engagement staff then the general community.

  • Debrief and planning session – where to from here


While COVID19 is in effect, we offer consultation and training via Zoom.