Social and Environmental Performance

Alignment with Sustainable Development goals SDGs …


Edge5 Programmes have direct or indirect links to one or more of the 17 SDG targets

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For over 10 years Edge5 has worked in remote communities across South East Asia, East and West Africa and Aboriginal communities training people in Permaculture design. Edge 5 offers a 5 to 10-day study trip to complete a pre-assessment survey

Edge 5 offers a 5 to 10-day study trip to complete a pre-assessment survey which includes:

  • Meet and listen sessions with staff, community leaders and local farmers

  • Community needs analysis – food gaps, production and supply and basic on the ground problems

  • Landscape needs analysis – water cycle, land condition

  • Look for opportunities to build on what's already in place

  • One or two-day introduction training programs for community engagement staff then the general community.

  • Debrief and planning session – where to from here


While COVID19 is in effect, we offer consultation and training via Zoom.  



Starting at the backdoor: Edge5 believes the answers lie in infinitely multiplied, small-scale, locally relevant solutions that start at the back door of a local household and work outwards in a small community. However, in the context of local content where the supply of commercial quantities of local produce are required, the “back-door” becomes the sustainable end point.


Balanced, secure nutrition is the cornerstone of resilient communities.