Home grow produce gardens to plate solutions

Perhaps you have garden and landscaping ideas but need an experienced perspective to firm up your plans. Edge5 offers consults on how to plan, design and create sustainable healthy clean green nutritious. 

We can offer advice and guide you through options in

  • Food production

  • Garden design

  • Landscape design

  • Horticultural

  • Permaculture

Book a consultation with us about your garden plans.


Consultation topics more specifically are:

The Cultivated Ecology Permaculture kitchen garden design

  • pattern application

  • least path layout design

  • small and large space growing

  • sun angles -aspect  

  • garden planning and layout


How to Prepare the Soil

Healthy soil - healthy plants

  • Soil food web

  • Sand to healthy living soil

  • Measuring soil pH

  • Water absorption test

  • Mulching


How Plants Grow

  • Plant nutrients

  • What elements do plants need?

  • How much water does my garden need?

  • When to and how-to water

  • Seasonal planting

  • Arboriculture - is your big tree safe?  


Home Composting and Worm Farms

  • Why, what and how to compost

  • Hot and cold composting

  • How to use compost


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