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Through permaculture we improve quality of life



Edge5 is an Australian environmental consultancy with over 25 years’ experience in permaculture design and training. We specialise in teaching people to transform landscapes into productive gardens for healthy communities.

Throughout the world and Australia, we have extensive experience in using our integrated design approach that brings together ecological processes and human activities to promote healthy and sustainable living through food gardens.

Greg Knibbs is the key consultant at Edge5 read more about his impressive experience below.

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, The solutions remain embarrassingly simple"

-Bill Mollison 


The Team

Edge5’s experienced multi-disciplinary team provides full project design consultancy and delivery. We deliver these services in parallel with training programs, specifically suited to the communities we work in.

Greg Knibbs 

Greg is a passionate permaculture designer and teacher and the founder of Edge5 Permaculture. Greg brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of permaculture design, community development and landscape restoration.

Greg has taught alongside Geoff Lawton and the late Bill Mollison on their Permaculture Design Certificate course at Trinity College, Melbourne.

He has also been involved with hands-on permaculture workshops with Bill Mollison at his farm in Tasmania and taught advanced permaculture design with David Holmgren.

He was instrumental in setting up the Philippines Permaculture Institute and played a central role in the development of the Ghana Permaculture Institute.

Greg is currently implementing permaculture projects for Communities Assist in Tanzania, ADRA in Cambodia, The Philippines, Myanmar and Rwanda, as well as individually-sponsored programs in India.

David Spicer

David is a water harvesting and earthworks specialist. He has over 15 years experience in permaculture design and education, with specific expertise in Keyline design and agro-ecology systems. David has worked with Geoff Lawton as farm manager at the renowned Tagari farm in northern NSW and as facilitator and teacher at Zaytuna farm, the home of the Permaculture Research Institute. He also has international aid project experience in arid climates in Jordan, Morocco and Palestine, as well as working in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia’s Northern Territory.



We provide a complete permaculture and horticultural service which includes:


  •  Training courses (see here for all our courses)

  •  Consultations (see here for our consultation services)

  • Ongoing support


We work in urban and rural environments helping people to find

the right solutions for their food needs.

Our clients include:


  • International aid agencies.

  • Mining corporations.

  • Local governments.

  • Aboriginal corporations.

  • Schools.

  • Urban garden owners.

  • Community groups.

  • Hobby farmers.



Today communities & environments are at risk from population growth, food/water insecurity, malnutrition, increase need for farming land, soil collapse, deforestation and disasters caused by extreme weather and now Covid-19.

The need for stable, safe, social and healthy communities has never been so critical as now and we have the knowledge and experience to help people achieve this.

Improving quality of life sits at the core of everything that we do.

5 Areas towards community development

Food Security

Water and Earthworks




The foundation of stable communities through nutritious kitchen gardens.

Water conservation

and quality.

Training Programs to develop self-reliance.

Economic, healthy and resource-responsible housing design.


Edge5’s work specifically addresses 12 of these goals:

No Poverty

Gender Equality 

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Responsible Consumption

and Production

Zero Hunger

Clean water & Sanitation

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Climate Action

Good Health and Well Being

Affordable and Clean energy

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Life on Land


Edge5 offers low cost, scalable, sustainable, practical and meaningful training courses and advice to meet all our clients needs.

Check out some of our projects:


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