11,000 Kitchen Gardens

Edge5 has been engaged by ADRA to provide Permaculture education, training programs and support as part of the EMBRACE project (Enhancing Maternal, Child and Newborn Health in Remote Areas through Revitalized Health Care and Community Engagement). This is a 4-year project operating in Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Rwanda.

Drawing attention to the real benefits of Permaculture, a remarkable outcome of the EMBRACE training has already been seen in Rwanda. Between the first training in May 2017 and the second training in June 2018, it is reported from the ADRA national country leadership that over 11,000 families have implemented a kitchen garden.


As well, 13 schools involved in the EMBRACE program are adopting these gardens to provide school meals. Permaculture kitchen gardens are now providing these communities, often featuring severely malnourished children, with a previously unheard-of level of nutritional balance, especially those families.