Permaculture Consulting, Education and Training

Our programs deliver life-changing transformation, and meaningful community development outcomes, value from community relations: real skills, relevant programs, transparent and promoted.

Together we can transform people and community, we need sustainable living systems more than ever. When we teach permaculture design we are always building towards sustainable self-reliance. Personal and community wealth and stable social communities come from local natural capital, and not destroying opportunities for others; to build soils, create humus, harvest rainwater, save flood waters, and, in general, to rebuild natural capital and prepare now for climate change.

When we teach communities to design and implement  permaculture solutions  , we are creating sustainable self-reliance and preparing and planning for disasters such as future floods, fires, and droughts. And planting well thought out intensive food gardens including food forest and intensive animal tractor systems as well as planting trees a few cm tall that will be a future forests giants.

Future populations, our children, and their children will need soils and forest resources, shelter, security. In this modern world today there are good common sense solutions to every modern problem. It needs only slight research to find 3 to 4 solutions to social concerns in communities and on landscapes. We need leaders to act and adopt these solutions to rebuild natural capital and rebuild stable social communities.

A leader who will act and support projects to rebuild natural capital in their bioregion is a person of true courage.

Countries true wealth is in its population to build local natural capital and build pathways to sustainability, leading to local communities having great self-sufficiency’s and a genuine sense of community.  Having communities not dependant on the global fiscal society, prey to every whim of the international markets, but having sustainable self-reliance and meaningful livelihood’s, is true wealth and security.