Ecological Resettlement’s

In collaboration with your organisation, together we address key corporate responsibility targets in alignment with GRI and G3.1 indicators to assist companies and organisation to meet their corporate governance in the areas of sustainability and community relocations.

Edge5 Consulting specialises in working with communities at the grass roots level to create beneficial change. Together, we co-design and develop sustainable eco-villages , with communities that offer the skills and knowledge required to transition from dependency to self-reliance. Our designs focus in on creating productive communities that are ecologically sound, climate resilient, culturally appropriate and economically viable, providing for their own needs today and for the future.


  • Meaningful and sustainable livelihoods
  •  Social enterprises
  •  Climate sensible house design
  •  Rebuilding of local natural capital that is ecologically sound, culturally appropriate and economically viable
  •  Sustainable self-reliance not dependency.

Functional community development and positive outcomes is fundamental to healthy and social stable sustainable communities and healthy business success.