Escape to Paradise, Nurture Your Soul and Learn Permaculture

Experience the Seachange Eco Retreat and be part of an amazing 12-day course learning Permaculture Design. Experience a remote island setting and learn how to live off the grid on the almost deserted paradise island of Uoleva in the Kingdom of Tonga.

Date: 14th-26th October 2017

Venue: Sea Change Eco Retreat  - Tonga

What will you get from this course?

This internationally recognized course offers a comprehensive exploration into permaculture principles, applications & design practices. The certified 72-hour curriculum covers all topics in Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual by Dr. Bill Mollison, one of the co-founders of permaculture, as well as further content to include recent developments in earth sciences, regenerative design, sustainable agriculture and social systems.

Upon completion, here’s what participants like you can do:

  • Be qualified to practice permaculture commercially as a consultant to private companies.
  • Practice permaculture at a professional level to enhance local environmental and social sustainability by creating designs and implementing them in the local community.
  • Become a permaculture teacher anywhere in the world and teach future students so that more people will learn about the good news behind permaculture.
  • Build and design your own personal permaculture garden or food forest that can sustain your family’s basic food needs.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):

  • Permaculture ethics, principles & design of sustainable systems
  • Patterns and processes in nature e.g nutrient cycling, waste management, landscape reading
  • Essential earth systems science and global climatic factors
  • Water management, earth hydrology and aquaculture
  • Soil ecology, organic soil management, earthworks and its use in earth repair
  • Forest ecosystems and farm/food forestry
  • Sustainable food production systems
  • Designing for natural and man-made disaster
  • Appropriate technologies, renewable energy systems, and passive solar/energy efficient architecture
  • Social permaculture: community resilience, bio-regional organization, sustainable livelihoods, urban renewal, local economics, legal structures, ethical investment, and finance
  • Permaculture Aid
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About your Teachers

greg_knibbs_edge5Greg Knibbs

Greg is a passionate Permaculture designer and teacher who has run the Permaculture Design Certificate Course in East and West Africa and South East Asia, over many years. Greg is the founding Director of Edge5 Permaculture and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of Permaculture Design. He was instrumental in setting up the Philippines Permaculture Institute and also played a central role in the development of the Ghana Permaculture Institute. Greg taught by personal invitation with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton on their Permaculture Design Certificate Course at Trinity College in Melbourne. He has also been involved with permaculture hands on workshops with Bill Mollison at his farm in Tasmania and taught advanced Permaculture design with David Holmgren. Greg is currently involved as a permaculture consultant for Communities Assist, in Tanzania, (see He is also in the process of developing the Slow Food, Green Life Community Permaculture Education Institute, in a small village near Jagna, Bohol, Philippines.    

brittany_laidlaw_permaculture_design_course_boholBrittany Laidlaw

Brittany is a permaculture educator and sustainable development specialist with experience in international aid and disaster management. In 2013, Brittany helped establish a permaculture project in Antique Province, Philippines to assist communities affected by Typhoon Yolanda. There she introduced the Junior Green Warrior Program into two local schools teaching approximately 300 students hands-on skills in self- sufficiency, regenerative land management and sustainable livelihoods. Brittany holds a Masters degree in Environment (specializing in Development) and a Bachelor of Sustainable Enterprise. Her passion lies in hands-on projects that simultaneously restore local environments and use education to empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Brittany was the Australian Delegate to the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development and recipient of the Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award for her commitment to sustainable development work in Asia.

Included in your course

Your course fee includes 12-day Permaculture Design Course with Greg Knibbs and Brittany Laidlaw, copies of the necessary forms needed to become a certified permaculture design trainer, and post-course resources.  

12 Day Permaculture Design Course

NZ$2835.00 - NZ$3,147.00

(glamping vs cabin). 

*Registration is until September 1, 2017 

Limited to 12 Participants only

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What Our Participants Are Saying


Don’t just take it from us, let our participants do the talking!  

“I completed a Permaculture design course with Greg Knibbs over 15 years ago. What a paradigm shift in the way to view not only gardening but life. I still refer to Permaculture principles taught by Greg, to current projects and business that I am involved with today. Greg who is so sincerely passionate about the subject and has dedicated many years of life to spreading the word. I can only imagine after 15 years on and the plethora of opportunities he has created working and teaching around the world from Africa, Northern Australia, to the Philippines he has added a depth and refinement to his knowledge and sharing of his passion for Permaculture. Permaculture is always a relevant perspective broadening any view point to apply and find solutions.” - Bernie Morrow, The Organic Collective
“I have known and worked with Greg for over 20 years first meeting him at the Environmental Technology Centre at Murdoch University. Greg had been acting as the centre’s primary Permaculture and Land Care Educator, conducting a number of training skills programs and receiving high acclaim from his peers and students for his teaching and facilitating ability. He supported me at my first garden event in Hilton, delivering several Q&A sessions on gardening and land care issues. I have also worked alongside Greg on my own property and on a mutual friend’s property, which have been showcased on ABC TV’s Gardening Australia program.” - Josh Byrne, Josh Byrne & Associates

“In early 2004 Greg Knibbs was invited by the Abbott of Kristo Buase Benedictine Monastery in Ghana to come and run two Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) and to help redesign the Monastery’s 430 acre farm. I was the farm manager at the time and that’s where I met Greg during his course. We became good friends and together worked to set up the non-profit Ghana Permaculture Network in 2004, since then renamed Ghana Permaculture Institute. In 2007, Greg came back to Ghana to co-teach another PDC with me for the members of the growing network, and then again in 2009 to meet the growing demand for courses.”

- Paul Yeboah, Director, Ghana Permaculture Institute

"I've had the most amazing experience completing my Permaculture Design Course in Jagna, Bohol Philippines. Met some of the most incredible, inspirational people and am so so grateful for the experience & memories! I will also miss the tiny people of the village we have been staying in” -Kirsty Saphire (PDC Bohol Graduate)

"I was overwhelmed and delighted with the entire Permaculture Design experience. The amazing community and people, the healthy food and the beautiful rural set up …a true inspiration for the future of the planet. Greg and Brittany did an excellent job covering their subjects. They have a lot of knowledge and skills to teach from their vast experience. The commitment of these 2 instructors to sharing their expertise is readily evident and honest. Highly recommend the course to everyone.”  - Jonelson (Jonel) Desabille (PDC Bohol Graduate)

"Completing the Edge5 Permaculture Design Course equips me with strong fundamentals to chart my own course in permaculture. I had set out to look into sustainability, I learned much more. It has since become easier to see an empty backyard as a bountiful kitchen garden, barren landscape as a community food forest. Permaculture is scaleable. From a single square meter in the backyard to hectares of flat or sloping terrain, earth transforms into a rich green resource that feeds the family or community, builds relationships, and enhances the quality of life.Extreme natural events, manmade disasters, and drastic political shifts can immensely alter lives. Sound permaculture design and execution can greatly mitigate the effects of disruption.The beauty of permaculture lies in the intrinsic simplicity of principles and methods that effectively respond to the assortment of challenges in food production, public health, environment care, and spirituality. Human life and and the living soil are intertwined, but the workings of the huge grain, meat, and dairy industries continue to work against this umbilical connection. Finding the way forward was complicate. Not anymore. Thank you Brittany Laidlaw and Greg Knibbs for showing the way."- Mike Edquiban (PDC Bohol Graduate) 

“We are learning how to design lands and spaces that work with nature. We are taught to read landscapes, use the patterns we find in nature in order to design lands that will recycle energies from the environment and restore food and forest productivity. What we can hope for this, is the confidence that we can do something for the environment in our own spaces. Some might want to learn how to live in a closed loop system at their own homes, some might even want to create an eco-village. The possibilities are endless, and they all work for the environment rather than against it.” - Bernadine Belgrado (PDC Bohol Graduate)

"I'm sad to leave but the best thing about this trip has been the fun laughter hugs and smiles" -Jules Walker (PDC BOhol Graduate) 

Be a part of an amazing 12-day course (Oct 14-26) learning Permaculture Design.

*Registration is until September 1, 2017 

Limited to 12 Participants only

Bookings essential, register your interest here:

or Email for your inquiry