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Edge 5 Permaculture Consulting For CSR projects Edge5 Permaculture Consulting specializes in working with communities at the grassroots level. The team of Edge 5 design and develop sustainable permaculture systems with communities. The permaculture design allows people in the community to gain the skill sets required to transition from dependency to self-reliance. Students learn mainframe design. The training the Edge 5 provides the people to learn how to rehydrate landscape. Using simple water harvesting strategies they will be able to rebuild natural capital and to secure local food supply lines.
“We believe that enabling a community to be self-sustaining and not dependent on our clients is a truly significant CSR outcome.” – Greg Knibbs
Edge5 designs focus on creating productive communities that are; ecologically sound, culturally appropriate and economically viable, providing for their own needs today and for the future. To achieve this, Edge 5 uses innovative education and proven permaculture strategies to help rebuild local natural capital and improve livelihoods. The permaculture design training is for anyone interested in gaining proven practical skills and understanding towards local landscape restoration, ecological permaculture design, and regenerative garden agriculture to create sustainable productive living environments. The prime directive of Edge5 Permaculture is to help mining industries, corporations, and government sectors generate real value from delivering proven practical sustainable CSR initiatives. To maximize the value from CSR programmes, Edge5 addresses the key corporate responsibility targets in alignment with GRI and G3.1 indicators. These indicators enable companies and organization to meet their corporate governance in the areas of sustainability and community development to create self- reliance not dependency.
“What Permaculturalists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet.” -David Suzuki, Biologist & Author
Edge5 operates in Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and remote communities in Australia.
Permaculture Education and Training Programs
The on the ground outcomes are, communities transition from dependcy to sustainable self –reliance. Edge 5 Permaculture programs, teaches local people how to design and implement main frame design for sustainable agro-ecological systems, rehydrate landscapes and rebuild local natural capital at the grass roots level. Tell us your CSR Project and let us help you.

The Edge 5 Team

The Edge 5 team has a unique mix of skill sets, having worked with resources companies, inside major NGOs, and on a wide range of permaculture initiatives. Edge 5 believes in structure and generating value from an important mix of sustainable permaculture garden agriculture systems. Edge 5 believes in working with communities, not supplying them. Setting up sustainable agriculture initiatives, we aim to involve the community in all aspects of planning and long-term management. Sustainable education, health and infrastructure programmes are of prime importance in the developing world: at Edge 5 we want to ensure the community has a stake in how they are run, and in their on-going success.

greg_knibbs_edge5Greg Knibbs

Greg is a passionate Permaculture designer and teacher who has run the Permaculture Design Certificate Course in East and West Africa and South East Asia, over many years. Greg is the founding Director of Edge5 Permaculture and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of Permaculture Design.

He was instrumental in setting up the Philippines Permaculture Institute and also played a central role in the development of the Ghana Permaculture Institute. Greg taught by personal invitation with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton on their Permaculture Design Certificate Course at Trinity College in Melbourne. He has also been involved with permaculture hands on workshops with Bill Mollison at his farm in Tasmania and taught advanced Permaculture design with David Holmgren. Greg is currently involved as a permaculture consultant for Communities Assist, in Tanzania, (see www.communitiesassist.org).

He is also in the process of developing the Slow Food, Green Life Community Permaculture Education Institute, in a small village near Jagna, Bohol, Philippines.

brittany_laidlaw_permaculture_design_course_boholBrittany Laidlaw

Brittany is a permaculture educator and sustainable development specialist with experience in international aid and disaster management.

In 2013, Brittany helped establish a permaculture project in Antique Province, Philippines to assist communities affected by Typhoon Yolanda. There she introduced the Junior Green Warrior Program into two local schools teaching approximately 300 students hands-on skills in self- sufficiency, regenerative land management and sustainable livelihoods.

Brittany holds a Masters degree in Environment (specialising in Development) and a Bachelor of Sustainable Enterprise. Her passion lies in hands-on projects that simultaneously restore local environments and use education to empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Brittany was the Australian Delegate to the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development and recipient of the Prime Minister’s Australia Asia Endeavour Award for her commitment to sustainable development work in Asia.

dr-miles-dracup-edge-5-permacultureDr Miles Dracup

Miles’ brings a strong technical background in agriculture, water and environmental management to Edge 5’s projects, with degrees in Botany, Agricultural Science, Environmental Impact Assessment, and a PhD in Plant Sciences. He has published widely in areas such as: soil constraints; root growth; crop water relations; crop biology and development; managing climate variability; salinity and waterlogging; and greenhouse gas management. Miles has been employed directly or as a consultant to a range of organisations, in a range of capacities, such as: Department of Agriculture (crop management), Water Corporation (environment and greenhouse management), BHP (drinking water management), C-Wise (business management – waste to compost), Local Governments (water conservation), and Australian Mineral Fertilisers (production system manual).

He enjoys applying his knowledge to create healthy and productive biological systems and has a keen interest in fostering sustainable communities and behaviour. He is a member and secretary of the Board of Living Smart and has previously held Board / management committee roles for organisations involved in sustainable transport, environmental water research, triathlon and cycling.

david-spicer-edge-5-permacultureDavid Spicer

David is a mainframe design specialist, majoring in water harvesting and storage earthworks, with over 15 years experience in permaculture design and education, consulting and designing nationally and internationally focusing on practical and cost-effective designs starting with water, Access, Structures, Zones and Sectors integrating concepts of Keyline design, Agro-ecology Farm-forestry systems.

David has worked in the permaculture movement for over 15 years. Working with Bill Mollison in Tasmania at the Permaculture Institute as farm manager, facilitator and instructor in education on ground courses. Also working with Geoff Lawton as farm manager at the renowned Tagari farm in northern NSW and as farm manager, facilitator, and teacher at Zaytuna farm the home of the Permaculture Research Institute.

Working in International AID project such as the greening the desert in Jordan, instrumental in the setup of PRI Morocco, teaching in Palestine with acclaimed educator Brad Landcaster, and working in remote Aboriginal community of Wadeye NT.

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